From the session 2010-11 the hostel was started. One hostel for the students of the college named as the Swami D.D.K Boys Hostel. In the boys hostel there is an accommodation for 30 students. The Boy's Hostel is located adjacent to the college premises. The hostel is a one storeyed structure with eleven rooms and a spacious dining area. There is a common room eqiuipped with indoor games. Each of the eleven rooms has a bed capacity of three. The principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the hostel. Ordinarily  exercises are control and supervision through the superintendent who is incharge of the day to day administration of the hostel. The hostel has a garden and a small farmyard for the culivation of vegetables. The hostel is ably managed by the Hostel Sub-Committee under the guidance of Dr Kedar Nath Dey (superintendent ) ( ). 

***Hostel charges(Boys) hostel charges are payable after completing the admission process in the college counter.


Fees payable at the time of hostel admission


Sl. No.
Charges (Rs.)
Caution Deposit
50 (non-refundable)
Seat Rent
50 (per month)
Hostel Admission Fees
50 (one time)
Electric Fees
50 (per month)
Maintenance Charges
100 (one time)



The composition of the hostel committee is as follows

  • Dr. Kedar Nath Dey(Convener)
  • Balai Chandra Garai (Member G.B)
  • Bharat Tudu (SACT)
  • Saroj Marik (SACT)
  • Sukdeb Bagdi (NTS)
  • Ranjan Chakraborty (Hostel Cook)


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