About Department

About Department


Department of History started its journey in 2009, the very year of the inception of the college.  At the initial stage, only general courses in a few subjects were introduced.  Later, in 2011, after obtaining permission from the Department of Education, Honours Courses were introduced in several subjects, History being one of them.  It was eye-catching to note the number of students registering for History Honours in the very first year.  The Department of History initially started with only one part-time teacher, and three more teachers were recruited at a later point. The first Assistant Professor in a substantive post joined the Department in 2017 and took over as the Department Head.  At present, there are four teachers in this department.  Faculty members are trying their best to run the department smoothly.  Student admission is done strictly on the basis of merit.  The department closely follows the directions and guidelines of the UGC and leaves no stone unturned to keep pace with the latest trends in teaching.  The syllabus has been revised under the CBCS system in previous years. This year, once again, a new syllabus has been introduced according to the New Education Policy. Like general degree colleges across West Bengal, we also follow the semester system. Over the past years, students of this department have achieved several laurels and distinctions in the Honours and M.A. departments within Bankura University.

Departmental activity:

1. The department has a good collection of books in its central library and departmental library.

2. Remedial classes are arranged for lagging students.

3. Various cultural programmes are organised in order to make the teacher-student relationship prompt, comfortable and sincere.

4. Meritorious students are encouraged through departmental felicitations.

 5. The department actively participates in educational tours.

 6. Both scholarly and class seminars are organised regularly.

7. The department follows a process of continuous evaluation of students through regular internal examinations.

 8. Students of the Department are always encouraged to participate in intra-college and inter-college competitions, so that they may have a wider perspective on academics and careers beyond their immediate curriculum.

 9. Students show their historical mindset by writing wallpapers.