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About Library

About College Library

The College Library plays a significant role in the pursuit of knowledge. It serves as a virtual treasury of knowledge for the entire college- students, faculties and other employees. It aims to support the teaching-learning activity in the college and also provide the students with updated knowledge, thereby ensuring the optimum utilization of the available resources. The Library Building is located adjacent to the Administrative Building which is the centre of the college campus. The library presently holds about 11,600 books in its collection. Its collection is being increased over time as funds come from the State Government and also with the help of the college's own fund. Several educationists such as Prof. Tilok Batabyal of Bankura Sammilani College, have also come forward and donated generously for increasing our stock of books. The library is provided with proper ventilation, lighting & fans and CCTV Surveillance. Most of the honours departments have their own departmental libraries for easy and quick access to specialized, course-centric documents.


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