Green Initiative


Sustainable environment in college campus impacts students’ lives positively on a daily basis as well. Studies have shown that students studying in active green campuses have better knowledge retention capacity, environmental behaviours, community solidarity, etc.

Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya has its own aesthetic beauty. The college welcomes everyone who enters the campus with its shaded view surrounded by trees and flower plants. Besides this, there are colourful landscape garden creating many green spots in and around the campus. Efforts are being made to develop the campus on green concepts, particularly focusing on water conservation, use of alternative sources of energy, solid waste management, development of Eco-Club and sustainable architectural designs of buildings. The campus is designed with several initiatives for reducing energy consumption and utilizing renewable natural resources such as solar panels.  The institution is incessantly working to conserve the natural environment, inculcate the idea of sustainable environment and train the youth in smart management of renewable and nonrenewable resources for a clean and green environment.


  • Installation of two solar panels on the rooftop of new building and Annex building
  • Usage of LED lights


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Eco club is a platform on which promote environmental awareness at the grassroot level. It create and nurture green consciousness among the students, teachers and others people at our society.




1) To motivate the student to keep their College campus green clean by the plantation of the tree.

2) To organise awareness program as seminar, rally, quiz, tree plantation program etc. for raising environmental concerns.

3) To provide knowledge on concept of Eco club to all categories of our society.

4) To make the research that will create for solution to protect the ecosystem to solve the local environmental issues .

5) To organise events which will alert about awareness the hazards practice.

6) To motivate among the students that maintenance of the college campus biodiversity register.

7) The diversity among the students in terms of urban, rural, caste, religion, language, gender need to be appreciated.

8) It will be promote the policy of conservation of water.

9) To make the campaign against use of loud speakers and motivate the students and people to stop unnecessary horns.




  1. To realize the need of tree plantation program for social and all community forestry.
  2. To organise educational quiz and seminar.
  3. To motivate the students participation for preservation and conservation of environment.
  4. To organise inter college competition for students through poster, photography, quiz etc.
  5. To encourage the all people about the awareness to save environment.
  6. To make awareness among the all people to re-use, re-thing etc.
  7. To promote awareness among the students and all people of our society to reduce the use of plastic carry bag in the society.



Teacher representative:


  1. Sibdas Hebbram (Convenor)
  2. Iman Kalyan Malik
  3. Satyajit Tudu
  4. Rajkumar Murmu
  5. Pallabi Das
  6. Anil Rana
  7. Bharat Tudu
  8. Sibnath Bid


Eco Club Volunteer(NTS)


  1. Bablu Lohar
  2. Haru Bagdi


Eco Club Volunteer(Students)


  1. Sanjib (1st sem.)
  2. Subhajit (1st sem.)
  3. Tapan (1st sem.)
  4. Laxmikanta (1st sem.)


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