Grievance Cell

The Grievance Redressal Cell was formed on 13.04.2021 to register grievances (academic and administrative) lodged by students. The official mail id for lodging complaints is 

A Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) plays a vital role in maintaining a transparent and efficient system within a reputed college. It serves as a platform for students, faculty, and staff to address their concerns, complaints, and grievances. This cell is a crucial component in the college's pursuit of excellence and adherence to NAAC guidelines. The primary objective of the Grievance Redressal Cell is to provide a fair and impartial mechanism to resolve issues that individuals within the college community might face. The GRC operates with the intention of promoting a positive and conducive environment for learning and working. It aims to address various types of grievances, such as academic, administrative, infrastructural, and interpersonal concerns. One of the key features of an effective GRC is its accessibility. The cell ensures that students and staff can easily submit their grievances through multiple channels, including online portals, dedicated email addresses, physical complaint boxes, and direct interaction with designated GRC members. This accessibility ensures that no individual is deterred from raising their concerns due to logistical constraints. Upon receiving a grievance, the GRC follows a structured process. The initial step involves thorough documentation of the complaint, including details of the complainant, nature of the grievance, and any relevant evidence. The next stage entails categorizing the grievance based on its nature, severity, and urgency. This categorization helps the GRC prioritize and allocate resources effectively. After categorization, the GRC initiates an investigation process. This often involves gathering information from all relevant parties, including the aggrieved individual, concerned faculty or staff, and any witnesses. The GRC ensures that the investigation is conducted impartially and maintains confidentiality throughout the process. Once the investigation is complete, the GRC works towards resolution. Depending on the nature of the grievance, solutions could involve academic interventions, administrative changes, infrastructure improvements, or conflict mediation. The cell emphasizes timely resolution to prevent any undue disruption to the individual's academic or work life. Transparency is a fundamental principle upheld by the GRC. Regular updates are provided to the complainant regarding the progress of the grievance resolution process. This transparency not only keeps the affected individuals informed but also builds trust in the efficacy of the GRC's operations. In cases where the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome, an appeals process is in place. This secondary review is conducted by a higher authority, ensuring that even complex or unresolved grievances receive due attention. The GRC's commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in its efforts to analyze trends, patterns, and common issues, which subsequently inform policy changes or institutional improvements. To gauge the effectiveness of the GRC, regular feedback mechanisms are employed. Surveys, feedback forms, and open forums allow the college community to voice their opinions on the functioning of the cell. This feedback is invaluable in refining the grievance redressal process and enhancing the overall college experience. In conclusion, a well-structured and efficient Grievance Redressal Cell is a cornerstone of any reputed college's commitment to fostering a healthy and conducive environment for learning and growth. By adhering to NAAC guidelines and upholding principles of accessibility, transparency, and impartiality, the GRC ensures that grievances are addressed promptly and fairly, contributing to the overall enhancement of the college community.


The composition of the cell is as follows:

  • Dr. Kakali Ghosh Sengupta ( Principal & The president of the cell)
  • Sanghita Banerjee ( Secretary TC, IQAC Coordinator & The Convener of the Cell)
  • Bipul Chandra Mondal ( member of the cell)