About Department

Department of Physical Education & Sports

The Department of Physical Education was established in the year 2010. Since inception the department functions with the prime objective of creation of sports awareness among the students of college as most of them hail from the remote rural regions of Bankura district. For the promotion of sports standards the department facilitates the students with training facilities in major sport. Trained teams of the college have made markable achievements in district and inter college level competitions. The multigym mends the young minds of college students and promotes self-discipline and healthful life through its fitness awareness programmes. Courses Offered: BA(G), No of Seats-100 Form 2023 -24 Academic Session BA Major/ Minor /Multidisciplinary.

Details of the Present Departmental Staff:

   Name of the Teacher

   1       AMIT SAMANTA (SACT)

   2       SAROJ MARIK(SACT)

History of Department – The Department of Physical Education was established in the year 2010. SDDKM College has a great and glorious history. With the earnest effort of SDDKM College, the Physical Education department has been enlarging systematically year by year. At present, the Physical Education department has available classrooms as Teacher, ICT-classroom, Yoga hall, Multi-gym, Storeroom, outdoor playgrounds (Football, Volleyball, kho kho, kabaddi, Badminton), etc.

 Special Achievement –

1. Bankura University inter college Men’s football Tournament Three Times Runner-up. (Year- 2017 -18 ,   2018-19& 2022-23)

Departmental Events – 1. Intramural/inter-semester competitions (Cricket, football, kho-kho, etc).

                                                  2. Annual Sports meet (Athletics).

Departmental Facilities –1. Outdoor Playgrounds (Football, Volleyball, kho kho, kabaddi, Badminton).

                                                     2. ICT-classroom.

                                                     3. Yoga hall.

                                                     4. Multi-gym.

                                                     5. Storeroom.

                                                     6. Outdoor camp