Vision & Mission




Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya was established with a vision of inclusive education that would cater to the under privileged section. Since its inception in 2009, the institution has nurture daspirations for higher education in the rural youth empowering the rural youth especially women from tribal communities by providing them with academic resources in the form of texts and audio-visual material to enhance their cognitive development. This has brought about a positive change in the rural community and strengthened the network of knowledge transmission resulting in greater assimilation in terms of employment opportunities. The simultaneous increase in the level of awareness has left a positive impact in the quality of intellectual life paving the way for innovative thinking. The college seeks to nurture e innovative thinking through an optimum utilization of its limited resources. The strength of the institution lies in its potential to cultivate its human resources and instill independent thinking in a liberal academic environment.




  •   To create an academic ambience that can instill a strong love of learning in the students.
  •   To develop a holistic learning approach where students are able to link the knowledge acquired with community practices.
  •   To ensure students get adequate exposure to national and state level academic  programmes and services such as NSS and participate in student seminars.
  •   To enable educational professionals and faculty members to reach global standards in terms of scholarship, research and trainning
  •   To ensure gender sensitizations through the Women’s Cell, and inculcate a positive sense of self-worth.