Electoral Literacy Club


Electoral Literacy Clubs (ELC's) are platform to engage school students, college students and people in village through interesting activities and hands on experience to sensitise with their electoral rights. It is constituted at the behest of election commission of India (ECI) in all the educational institution with a motive to aware and ensure the participation of Youth & Future Voters who are pillars of Indian democracy.

Electoral literacy club (ELC) aims at strengthening the culture of electoral participation among young and future voters.

Objective of ELC:
-The main objective of ELC is to promote Awareness of right to vote among students faculty members and community at large. 
- To enable critical thinking on issues related to election rights democracies and its process.
- ELC works to educate the future voters about enrollment and other electoral process like EVM/VVPAT.
-To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize the ethical voting and follow the principle 'Every Vote  Counts' and 'No Voters to be left Behind'.


Nodal Officer: Ms. Tanusri Roy. (SACT-II)
Dept. Political Science.


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