Scholarship program in Swami Dhananjay Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya plays a crucial role in promoting education and diversity. By providing financial assistance to deserving students, it ensures access to quality education for a wider range of individuals. Such initiatives also contribute positively to the college's evaluation, showcasing its commitment to social inclusion and academic excellence.

The institution, established long back in 2009 by a social welfare organization, ‘Swami Dhananjay Das Mahavidyalaya’ Trust Body still now earnestly cherishes their altruistic mission of enduring generous help to the students especially hailing from the deprived strata of the society in this backward region like Bankura. Given the wretched socio-economic condition of the students, the institution selects them for giving scholarships. The state government sponsored scholarship like Kanyashree, Merit-cum-means-Scholarship, Minority Scholarship etc are very properly enjoyed by the students, and the institution takes special care, so that, the amount is transferred to the respective bank accounts of the beneficiaries and no one is left out. The  Central Sanskrit Scholarship and may other scholarships are also enjoyed by some students according to their merit, and there also the institution stretches forth all necessary arrangements, so that, no one is deprived. It is really amazing to see that the students are reinvigorated with inputs in this neck-break competitive society. There is a committee, formed by the teachers’ council and later approved by the Governing Body, to look after the financial condition of the students, and later after verifying the details including their class attendance, results and behavior in the institution, waive the total or a part of their fees, thus inspiring other sincere students to emulate the same.

The scholarship program at our esteemed college has significantly contributed to the institution's growth. By offering financial support to meritorious students, it has fostered a culture of academic excellence and diversity on campus. This initiative aligns with the college's commitment to enhancing accessibility to quality education, ultimately strengthening its overall accreditation standing